Blackened metal three-piece based in Belfast, Valpurga was formed back in
1999 and after more than a decade of line-up changes and band relocation,
the band has now found stability with Ruby Black on vocals, Morth on bass
and Ader Black on guitars, who is also the only original member remaining.

The music is inspired by black metal from the early nineties with lyrical
content based on the occult way of life as a mystical journey to the astral
gate, reflecting our existence as walking shadows.

Throughout the years, demos released include War at Last, Black Magic Fury
and the latest E.P. Dark Forces and now, after waiting for the right
moment, Valpurga is ready to release their first album, Fragments of
Immortality, through Infernum Records.

As above, so below.

The darkest hour has arrived.